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Healthy Habits:  Baby Steps to Better Living (Workbook)

In the Healthy Habits ebook, you get daily bite-sized inspiration for putting one healthy habit in place.  Select any health habit you want to achieve (eating better, getting good sleep, sticking with a fitness program…) and open the ebook to page one.  The beauty of this workbook is that it’s a turnkey program.  The program walks you through each step – every day.  And when you’re ready for the next healthy habit makeover, you can use the workbook again….and again.
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$19.97 (instant download)


Create Your Own Harmonious Home (e-book)

Wouldn’t it be great to feel totally comfortable, welcomed and supported by your space?

And wouldn’t it be great to have systems and routines in place so that you (and your family) can live more harmoniously together? It’s possible!

When you come home at the end of the day, do you feel that you have arrived at an oasis? A sanctuary away from the outside world?

Your home is the starting place for everything that happens in your life. It’s the foundation. It’s the backbone of a regular healthy eating and fitness routine. It’s at the heart of your rest and relaxation. It is your wellness environment – or could be. This e-book will help you understand how to create your own harmonious home. You can start right now with an instant download. >> more info


$27.00 – instant download


Cheryl’s Soup Kitchen
(ebook and audios)

In Cheryl’s Soup Kitchen, not only do you get fabulous soup and side dish recipes, but you also learn exactly how to streamline your kitchen, keep a kitchen journal, plan meals and efficiently prepare foods – soups  and side dishes in particular.  You get shopping lists, food pantry suggestions, and tons of suggestions for improving your efficiency so you don’t have to spend so much time in the kitchen.

Soup has many virtues. You can use it as a super weight loss strategy or as a nurturing cold weather ritual. And you can dramatically improve your diet by eating soup. Soup is versatile–eat it as a snack or for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eat it cold or hot – with friends or snuggled up on the couch after a long day.  On a cold day, soup is like a warm blanket.

Soup can be one of the most satisfying and nourishing meals you eat. But this program isn’t just about making soup. It’s about streamlining your kitchen and your preparation processes so you can make soup fast . . . and eat it slow. It’s also about healthy eating and inspiration for cooking and eating at home.

You get 2 60-minute audios, recipes for soups and sides, and a beautifully illustrated ebook.   >> more info


$19.00    (Ebook and 2 60-minute audios)


Tofu Basics
(audio and recipes)

If you’ve bought and thrown out tofu, then you need this information. Tofu is the food people love to hate.  This program will help you feel comfortable buying and handling tofu.

Nancy O’Connor (the queen of tofu) discusses the benefits and delights of tofu.   Find out exactly what tofu is and how it’s made.  You’ll also get some very simple, tasty recipes to get you started on the road to success with tofu. But basic doesn’t mean boring. When Nancy teaches this class at the Community Mercantile (her home base), it always fills up. She’s got a reputation as THE person to contact when you have a nutrition or healthy eating question. And she’s the tofu-go to expert. >>more info

“I took Nancy’s class. I’m not afraid of tofu anymore.” Emily


$12.00 (60-minute audio download with recipes)


What to Eat When You Leave Out the Meat
(audio and recipes)

You don’t need to be a vegetarian to make vegetarian dishes.  Everyone can benefit from including meatless meals in their diets, where grains and beans and beautiful vegetables are the stars. Think outside the box. Take that meat off the center of the plate and enjoy the freedom that comes with building meals in a whole new way! Real men (and women) eat quiche, and stir fry, and vegetable lasagna, and beans and rice, and black bean burritos, and falafel and hummus, and lentil soup, and cous cous, and quinoa, and seitan.

Find out how to cook and eat fast, delicious food that will help you lose weight, get the nutrients you need, and satisfy your taste buds. >> more info


$12.00 (60-minute audio download and recipes)


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