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Place a checkmark in the column that best describes your most common behavior.  As you read each item, pay attention to your inner voice. Is it saying, “Yeah right, no way can I do that”? Or is it saying, “YES! I do that” or “I’d like to be doing that.” Be gentle, be open, and be honest.

This quiz will give you a better understanding of what a wellness lifestyle consists of.



Not true

Wellness Lifestyle Behavior

1. I regularly practice stress management techniques such as meditation/prayer, positive self-talk, mindfulness, or deep breathing so I feel pretty calm and contented throughout the day.

2. My personal relationships are positive and supportive. I limit time spent with people who are unsupportive, stress carriers, or who bring me down.

3. I regularly move my body so that it stays fit, strong and energetic.

4. I manage my finances well (e.g., pay bills on time, save, invest, do not over-spend).

5. I have a supportive network of health care professionals and/or a community of health information and support (e.g., dentist, physician, alternative health practitioners, eye doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, and/or co-workers/friends/family members) whom I trust and rely on to help me stay optimally healthy.

6. I practice good self-care habits (e.g., I usually get the right amount of sleep for my body and wake up feeling well-rested; I drink at least 8 cups of water a day; I take time for rest and rejuvenation; I practice daily health habits).

7. My diet is rich in whole foods that are simply prepared. I rarely eat processed, convenience foods, pre-packaged or fast food.

8. I am a positive role model of health and well-being for my family/kids, friends, and colleagues.

9. I am immune to the persuasive efforts of the mass media to encourage negative health habits like over-spending, eating junk food, drinking soda, watching too much TV, or being overwhelmed and stressed.

10. I do not rush through life. I pay attention to the sights, smells, sounds, textures, and other sensual cues around me. Through my senses, I experience pleasurable moments throughout the day.

11. I spend time in nature every day. I am rejuvenated and inspired by the seasons and appreciate the weather – whatever it is.

12. During the day, I take time to live mindfully. I chew my food slowly and pleasurably, I breathe deeply, and I listen carefully when others are speaking to me. I make space in life to tune in. I rarely multi-task.

13. I have a positive attitude about life. I see the “up” side of life and feel very connected to the Universe.

14. I manage my life well. I stay on top of things and take care of situations before they become problems. I’m proactive and prepared for emergencies so things don’t usually surprise me and get out of hand. My life feels in balance.

15. I live in a nurturing home environment. My home is my sanctuary. It is uncluttered, organized, and very pleasing to me.

2 pts each

1 point

0 Points each

There are no right answers. Being truthful will give you a fair assessment of where you are right now. No guilt.




Total from three columns: ____ out of 30 possible

25 – 30
Congratulations! You truly live a wellness lifestyle. Not very many people
score as high as you on this quiz. You’re really walking the wellness path. Tips from this e-course will be the icing on your cake.

20 – 24 Way to Go! You have room for bumping up your lifestyle score, but you’re well on your way. With a little more focus on your daily choices – the kind you’ll get with the e-course – you can really increase your score.

15 – 19 You’re half way there! You’re making many healthy lifestyle choices. Taking the free 7-Keys to Wellness e-course will really help you boost your score and take your commitment to wellness to the next level.

Below 15 I bet you’re feeling like you could use some help.  Consider getting a wellness coach to help you get on a strong wellness path.  It may not take as long as you think.  Another option is to take the 21-Day Healthy Habit Challenge. That may be just what you need to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.

Notice that most of the items on this wellness quiz are not purely health related. That’s because wellness is a whole-person, whole-life concept–not just a health indicator. It is holistic–based on the integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Working towards a high score of 30 may take time. Don’t worry about that. When you work in one area of a wellness lifestyle, other areas improve. Think of it as a gift in exchange for your effort.

This quiz isn’t meant to make you feel bad or to judge your lifestyle. Rather, the purpose is to enhance your awareness of how your lifestyle compares to a wellness lifestyle. It’s a gauge. The quiz also gives you an opportunity to envision yourself benefiting from a wellness lifestyle.

If you want to take action to live a healthier lifestyle, the 7 Keys e-course will definitely help you do that. Each lesson is short and contains an action step that will take just a few minutes to complete. In fact by taking this quiz, you’ve completed your first action step.

Want to Move Faster or Get Help?

If you’d like help or want to move more quickly toward a wellness lifestyle, take the 21-Day Healthy Habit Challenge. It walks you through all the steps necessary to put a healthy habit of your choice into place in just 21 days.

If you want more personal attention on your wellness journey, visit my life coaching pages to see if personal life coaching is a good option for you.


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