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Do you sit at a desk or computer all day?

Get Your Juices Flowing

You’ve been sitting still for hours.

Your body is saying “So move already. I’m afraid I may be dead!”

If you're not used to listening, you may mistake your body’s cry as the desire for a donut or vending machine snack. But the sweet treat your body really wants is to move more. And breathe more. And relax more.

Take the pleasure challenge. For the next 21 days, join us at to experience more pleasure than a dozen donuts could ever give you. That slow-mo aspect of you will be transformed by joining others in the Sit and Get Fit challenge. So, come on! Sit on your butt and become more alive!

In the Sit and Get Fit Challenge, you will. . .

  • Give your body what it really needs, not what you think you want.
  • Reconnect with your entire body.
  • Get energized--unlock your stored energy and release fatigue.
  • Improve your concentration.
  • Look forward to a blast of pure pleasure every day.

Over time you will make many small changes that will add up to a big shift in how you feel.

In case you want to skip the stretches and just want a laugh, you’ll also get daily hand-picked quotes and funny nuggets. Actually the fun link at the top of each daily message is my favorite part of this program. It takes you to a funny picture, a cartoon, a movie short, or other fun thing. Plus you'll get to move a little each day.

What is Sit and Get Fit?

  • It's 5 -10 minutes of pure pleasure.
  • Sit and Get Fit is a 21-day ecourse that will give your body pleasure every day – once a day or as often as you like. See Day 1 sample.
  • Sit and Get Fit offers a series of stretching, strengthening and relaxing movements that release mental and physical tension, increase circulation, and give you a blast of concentrated energy that boosts your mood.

Who Can Benefit from Sit and Get Fit?

  • Anyone who sits long hours at a desk or a computer.
  • Anyone who feels like a “disembodied head” because they do so much mental work that they lose touch with their body.
  • People who want to squeeze a little more fitness into their day.
  • People with special needs who cannot walk distances, climb stairs, or do high-impact types of exercise.

What Equipment Do You Need to Sit and Get Fit?

Nothing! In this ecourse, there's no jumping, hopping or walking. There’s no need for fancy machines because you are the tool for your own fitness. You simply sit in your chair and follow my friend Ann as she demonstrates the simple moves. Concise instructions accompany all photos. You can add Sit and Get Fit to your wellness tool box at no cost and a great benefit to you.

Who is Your Sit and Get Fit Coach?

My name is Cheryl Miller, the Mayor of I am an exercise physiologist and manage a wellness program for 45,000 employees. I am also a pleasure queen and not a wellness cop . . . or a member of the granola gang . . . or a snake charmer. My programs are science based, pleasure oriented, simple, and practical.

I know you’re busy and have many choices. I invite you to choose pure pleasure and join me in Sit and Get Fit Challenge. Your body will love you for it.

Your Sit and Get Fit Coach,

Cheryl Miller, M.S., Exercise Physiology & Community Health
Wellness program director for 45,000 employees
Trained Life Coach and Mayor of

PS. Are you gettin' it that this will be fun? No grunting and groaning or sweating here. Just pleasurable movements that will make you feel great. Meet me in the challenge.

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"I love this program. I sit on my butt all day, so I might as well sit and get fit."

Shirley Buttress
Ebay Entrepreneur
Speed, Kansas


"I hate to exercise, and I love to sit, so I'm half way there."

John Slugola
Internet Marketer
Wideload, Texas


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Cheryl Miller is one of the most innovative coaches in the industry. From her Healthy Fast Food Kitchen to her Sit and Get Fit Program, she uses humor and proven strategies to motivate her clients into a Healthy, Happier Lifestyle.
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I’m thoroughly enjoying your Sit and Get Fit ecourse challenge. I don’t know what’s more fun – the sitting & getting fit or clicking away on all the little links. They are a crack up! I’m passing this along to all my friends before you decide to charge what the program is really worth. Very cleverly done!

Rita Wespi


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