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Notes and Audio from New Year’s Evolution Teleclass

Thanks for attending the teleclass today. If you missed it, not to worry,  you can download the PowerPoint slides and listen to the audio below. 

New Year’s Evolution – 2012 Teleclass Resources

New Year’s Evolution PowerPoint Slides (left click to open or right click to “save target as”)

Download Audio from 1-18-12 (left click to open or right click to “save target as”)  The download may take a little while.

Download Audio from Teleclass – 1/12/12 (left click to open or right click to “save target as”)  The download may take a while. 

During the call I made a special offer to work with me on achieving your goals so another year doesn’t go by with your most important goals still on the list…

Follow the Healthy Habits Roadmap to Success

New Year’s Evolution
30-Day Coaching Intensive Program

I want you to be part of this 30-day program.  Quite frankly, I’d kick myself if June rolls around and you’re in the same place you are right now without making progress on your goals if I hadn’t given you the opportunity to have this coaching.

It wouldn’t feel good if in June…

  1. the weight still hasn’t come off
  2. your office is still not organized
  3. your home is still cluttered and you can’t find the kitchen to make yourself healthy meals. 
  4. your stress is still high
  5. you still haven’t taken care of your health concerns
  6. and the list goes on

I can show you how to make your health and your life a high priority in 2012.  You can either go for option 1 where you do it yourself using my Healthy Habits workbook as a daily guide.  Or for a few dollars more you can get full-on support and coaching with me for 30 days.  This is a great option because the cost has never been lower (with payments even).  Don’t let another year go by without reaching your goals.

›Option #1:  Healthy Habits Workbook ($19.97): 

›Option #2:  For just a little bit more, get the full 30-Day Coaching Intensive program (including the Healthy Habits Workbook) to assure your success.    Regular coaching fees range from $300-$400 a month, so this is a great deal.  In the coaching intensive you will… 
  • ›increase your confidence
  • get inspired to take consistent action
  • learn to trust yourself to do what you say you’re going to do
  • eliminate feelings of overwhelm and confusion around your hopes and desires
  • and feel good about yourself.

›Go here to find out more about this program and how it can help you achieve your most precious health and well-being goals in 2012:


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