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Lesson 6

Your Wellness Goal _____________________________________

Key #5: Design supportive wellness environments.

If you don’t design your personal environments, they will be designed for you.   Thomas Leonard,

Most people don’t realize how much their lives are shaped by their environments. If you’ve struggled to sustain a wellness lifestyle, it’s probably because you don’t have the necessary environments set up to support your daily wellness choices.

Here are a few personal environments you will want to shape and design so that you can more easily sustain your wellness lifestyle:

  • people you hang out with
  • food in your pantry
  • books and articles you read
  • time spent in nature
  • your work space
  • your sleeping space
  • your clothes closet
  • your thoughts, etc.

When it comes to your wellness lifestyle, your personal environments either help you or thwart you. Are your wellness environments supportive of you and your current wellness goal?

Small Action Step

With your current wellness goal in mind, choose one wellness environment to begin the environment design process.

Example: If your current wellness goal is to eat more healthfully, you will want to design a healthier kitchen environment. That design would include keeping the counters clean and cleared off so they are ready for food prep. You might make a regular menu plan for the week and stock your fridge and pantry with whole foods that you’ll enjoy eating. You could cheer up the kitchen with a vase of flowers. See how this environment design works?

What wellness environment do you want to work on now? Think of one thing you can do to make that environment be a personal support “system” for you and your current wellness goal. Set a time to take action so you don’t “forget” about this goal.

Next Lesson (#7): You will learn how to design a simple daily self-care routine.

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