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Lesson 5

Your Wellness Goal _____________________________________

Key #4: Simplify and improve the manageability of your life to make room for wellness.

If you live a busy, complex life, it will be very difficult to add a wellness lifestyle on top of what you already have going on. When life is complex and booked solid, your world can become stressful and less clear. A simpler life allows for more freedom and clarity to make choices and changes that are in alignment with your wellness goals.

A simpler life requires saying no quite often. Learning to say no–-and meaning it! –is a valuable wellness skill for those who love to say “yes” but need to find a balance. Saying “yes” can feel like fun . . . until it comes time to perform or pay up (e.g., attend the meeting, volunteer your time, write the report, bake the brownies, go to a movie when you’d rather read a book, etc.).

When life is simpler and slower, you have time for wellness (walking, cooking, smelling the roses, hanging out with friends, managing stress, etc.).

Small Action Step

Here are some things you can do to simplify life:

  • Talk with a friend or colleague to get ideas.
  • Hire a coach to get ideas and support.
  • Imagine a simpler life.
  • Make an action plan for clearing clutter.
  • Do. Delegate. Dump.
  • Design a plan for family chores.
  • Reduce the number of activities your children are involved in.
  • Say no to volunteer activities you’re not totally jazzed about.
  • Set up systems (e.g., weekly meal plans, cook/freeze ahead, bill paying, morning/evening routines, after-school activities)

With your current wellness goal in mind, what is one thing you can do to simplify your life so you can more easily accomplish your wellness goal? ____________________________________________________________


Next Lesson(#6): You will learn about the designing your personal environments to support your wellness lifestyle.

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