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Lesson 2

Key #1: Decide that you want to live a wellness lifestyle and make a passionate commitment to do it.

The indispensable first step to getting the things you want in life is this: Decide what you want. Ben Stein

Start to create a vision for what your wellness lifestyle might look like. Your vision will help you create a road map or pathway to get where you want to go. Without it, you might not end up where you want to be. Your vision gives you the shot of energy you need to get started – it helps break the inertia.

There are as many roads to wellness as there are people. The first step is to decide exactly what goal you’re working toward.

Select one wellness goal to focus on during this e-course. What do you want more of? Review the list below for ideas:

  • Improved strength
  • More physically active
  • Healthier weight
  • Better organized
  • Improved financial management
  • More sensual experiences
  • Feel healthier
  • Improved flexibility
  • Good life manager
  • Good role model for my family
  • More energy & vitality
  • Improved productivity
  • Less stressed
  • Positive attitude
  • Better management of a chronic disease
  • Have more fun
  • More in tune with nature
  • More mindful living
  • Strong, supportive personal relationships
  • Good self-care habits and daily choices
  • Healthy diet
  • Other ____________________________

More wellness goal ideas >> 100 Wellness Actions

Why choose just one wellness goal? If you concentrate your energies on reaching just one wellness goal at a time, you’ll be able to focus and have better success. We’ve all had the experience of thinking we can do more and then being disappointed when we’ve taken on too much.

Getting clear on what you want–your wellness vision–will increase your commitment and motivation to achieve it. You may want all of the things listed above, and you certainly can work toward having them all. But for starters, select just ONE to focus on during this e-course.

Small Action Step

As you read each lesson in the e-course, read it in the context of the one thing you want to achieve in your wellness lifestyle. If you’re using the e-course like a printed workbook, write your goal at the top of each lesson in the space provided. If you’re not printing the lessons, simply read the lesson with your wellness goal in mind.

There is no RIGHT goal, just pick one. It will make this e-course a lot more meaningful.

What wellness goal will you focus on achieving while taking this e-course?


Next Lesson (#3): You will learn about becoming an expert on YOU and experiencing the personal power of taking responsibility for your life.

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