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Healthy Habits:  Baby Steps to Better LivingHealthy Habits Workbook


Life Lessons from a Butterfly
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21 Daily Actions

Day 1: Decide what wellness habit you will put in place and nurture during the next 21 days.

Day 2: Phrase your goal so that it excites and inspires you to act.

Day 3: Give your wellness lifestyle goal a high priority “project status” that will send the message that you really want this goal and that you’re committed to achieving it.

Day 4: List the action steps needed to complete your wellness “project.”

Day 5: Increase your level of commitment to achieve your goal.

Day 6: Stay Inspired with these three tried and true strategies.

Day 7: Set up a personal support system.

Day 8: Create and perfect wellness systems and environments to help you achieve your current wellness lifestyle goal.

Day 9: Simplify and manage your life to make room for wellness.

Day 10: Become aware of triggers to slip back into old habits.

Day 11: Tune in regularly to your thoughts, feelings, and body wisdom.

Day 12: Enjoy the power that comes with taking 100% responsibility for your life and for the care and feeding of your body, mind, and spirit.

Day 13: Notice and replace self-talk that keeps you from living a healthy, happy life.

Day 14: Rename and reframe negative events to reduce your daily stress.

Day 15: Increase your success by recognizing the start-stop elements of habits.

Day 16: Focus on pleasure and enjoyment to make your new lifestyle habit sustainable and satisfying.

Day 17: Become increasingly aware of the many daily cultural/media influences on your lifestyle choices

Day 18: Become a cultural activist for living a wellness lifestyle–if only in your own small circle, if only in small ways.

Day 19: Become educated about what a simple, organized, healthy, happy life looks like. Look for ideas and inspiration in all the right places.

Day 20: Develop a pleasurable self-care routine for a healthy, happy future.

Day 21: Evaluate and celebrate your successes.


Worksheets, Tracking Tools, and Daily Goal Reminders


  • 21 Daily Lesson Checklist
  • 21 Daily Goal Affirmations
  • The 12 Dimensions of Wellness Chart
  • Action Steps Goal Tracker
  • Simplifying Life Worksheet
  • Happy Things and Thoughts Worksheet
  • Reframing Negative Thoughts Worksheet
  • Stop-Start Habit Worksheet
  • My Top 10 Daily Self-Care Habits Chart
  • Your Self-Care Habits Tracking Tool
  • 23 Inspirational Quotes

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