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Yummy Leftovers

i usually love leftovers….quick tasty meals. my thinking is that if you like or love it the first time, there’s a good chance you will like or love it as a leftover. but if you didn’t like it very much the first time….consider giving it to the dog (or the birds) because chances are you will never want to eat it as a leftover and it will grow mold in your refrigerator (giving leftovers a bad name). Might as well not pack it into small containers….because you’re never going to eat it.

not sure why is this concept so hard to get. how many times have you put leftovers in the fridge and then turned up your nose at dinner time at the thought of eating them? yeah, me too. if we were were pioneers (or lived in a third world country), we’d eat them whether we were in the mood or not because of scarce resources. but we’re spoiled now and resources appear to be abundant (and they deliver)….so we we can "afford" to turn our noses up at leftovers. been there, done that. you too? but tonight i had great leftovers.

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