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Wrestling the Paper Dragon

today i wrestled my paper dragon to the ground…..and won, at least for now. i come from a long line of packrats and paper hounds, and have pretty well mastered everything but paper.

one of my strengths on the test is input. that means i love to gather and store ideas. well, i love to gather them…..but they usually end up in piles and are then virtually unusable. for 2 years i’ve been wrestling with this problem. got great muscles now. i’ve set up numerous systems. clever systems. too clever. so today i coached myself on this topic better than i have yet and the results were good.

my goals are to cut down on input, and to make it easy to file and retrieve what i gather. here’s what i’m doing to keep this system working well (hopefully).

one. maintain one simple system (alphabetical – no "clever" groups).

two. unsubscribe from all but 3 online newsletters.

three. file what i DO collect in short bursts (set timer). it’s not sexy but i’m hopeful. i’ll give a progress report in a month (or so) when i see how it’s working. pray for me, hehe.

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