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Wonderful things come to us when we’re grateful

When I’m really grateful as I am tonight, I mentally go over all the things I’m grateful for.   Tonight on this cool summer evening, I’m grateful for Toby.  He’s fun to walk.tobyonlevee

If you want to be more grateful, here are a handful of examples to prime the gratitude pump. 

Things you can be grateful for …

  • the other driver saw you and didn’t smash into you!
  • you were invited to the party and they had such excellent food and conversation
  • you have a loving pet sleeping in your lap
  • the 100+ degree heat wave is in the past…and you’re now feeling a cool breeze as you walk the dog
  • the bat circling over your head didn’t swoop down and get tangled in your hair (I didn’t say gratitude always had to be based in logic)
  • you didn’t wake up with a bat crawling on your chest (happened to a colleague of mine last week)
  • you got a refund when you didn’t expect (or ask) for it
  • you love fruits and veggies (many don’t)
  • your aging parents are still around
  • your kids are kind
  • you have a ceiling fan
  • your cool bedroom
  • a good night’s sleep
  • your new shoes
  • you are able to think things through
  • you’re practical (artistic, adventurous, smart, thoughtful, creative, musical….)
  • you know how to experience peace and joy
  • you were chosen
  • personal and religious freedom
  • movies and good books (and popcorn)
  • your friends and family
  • the rain, snow, sun, clouds, wind and stillness

You can see that opportunities for gratitude are infinite. 

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  1. Lena L. West says:

    GREAT list, Mill!

    I SO need to find out about the bat on the chest story :)

    Hmmm…I’m grateful that I am able to practice delayed gratification.

  2. Monica says:

    I’m so grateful every year for all the dragonflies that show up in my backyard to feast on mosquitoes. I look forward to their arrival and thank each dragonfly that hovers near me for being there. And, although bats also eat mosquitoes, I would not extend friendly greetings to a bat that landed on me!

  3. Thanks Lena :) The bat deal was with Spud – remember him! He told it in such a funny way on Facebook. He’s a funny guy anyway so add a bat and we’re good to go!

    Hi Monica – I just love dragonflies! So beautiful and transformational. And anything that beats back the mosquito population is a friend of mine! Dragonflies are such a welcome part of summer.

    No bats tonight – I walked earlier :) Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  4. Lena L. West says:

    Yesss!I remember him! How odd is that?? A bat? Weird. But, then again, that’s Spud :)

  5. Brooke Feder says:

    I am greatful for the inspiration, adventure and love I get from having truly amazing friends, guides and mentors like you Cheryl!

  6. Cheryl Miller says:

    How sweet Brooke – thanks!

    Just got back from visiting my family in Michigan. It was a great trip….and it’s always good to get back home too.


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