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Who's Stumbling on the Planet These Days?

There are way too many stories to enumerate, so i’ll just talk about one. but to set the scene……….do you ever get the feeling that humans are in a crisis? that we’re headed for big trouble? that we’re ready to join the dinasaurs in extinction? frankly sometimes i don’t know how we can put one foot in front of the other successfully.

this morning i got a call from an agency that one of their employees was murdered at a car wash last night and their employees needed critical incident counseling sessions with our employee assistance program. the victim’s wife worked at the same agency so around 40 employees were in shock, turmoil, dismay, and total grief. i haven’t got all the details but this man was at a car wash and an argument started between him and two teenagers. they shot him dead in front of his family who was in the car ready to get washed. he was 39, an environmental scientist, and probably not somebody who would say something like "bring ’em on."

with the war in iraq and bloody battles around the planet, it’s mystifying to me that we continue to find new ways to torment, torture, and kill each other. and powerful individuals and groups continue to amass elicit fortunes while losing their souls. as a human my first thoughts is, what in the heck is going on here? how can we be so screwed up? and as a coach my first thought is, what’s the problem here and what can be done about it? i need to do some more thinking about this, but my first thought is that people do not know how to get their deep needs met….needs like love, security, committment, fullfillment, abundance, acceptance, honor, power, understanding, appreciation, and on and on.

thomas leonard produced a great program to help people get their needs met. it’s called the needless program.  it’s a good program. it looks to me like job 1 is getting our needs met. it may sound simple because we think sure: tv, ice cream, shopping spree, sex, etc. those are gratifying but they don’t meet our deep needs. i guess first we need to get clear on what our needs are. then maybe we can meet them. then maybe we can stop torturing and killing each other. stop stealing from each other. stop trying to be better than each other.

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