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Whole House Detox: Entryway to Your Home Sweet Home

Whole House Detox

When you walk up to your home, you want to feel “Ah, I’m home!”  You want to feel happy and welcomed not overwhelmed and embarrassed by junk in the yard and on the porch.  You don’t want to see unfinished projects wherever you look.  You want to feel….now I can loosen my belt, take off my shoes, and relax into the pleasure that awaits me in my home sweet home.

The entryway says a lot about who we are and what we value.  As you walk or drive through your neighborhood, you can’t help but notice how all of the homes appear–some messy, some totally overgrown, some tidy, and some spectacular.  Occupants of these homes obviously value different things.

What do you value?  On the value spectrum I’m not on either end.  I’m not a slob and I’m not a neat-nick.  I like to have a tidy home and yard, but sometimes I get engrossed in other things and the yard work sneaks up on me.  Usually the fix is pretty quick because I don’t have abandoned furniture or other junk to clear away.  I just have weeds and trash that blows into the bushes.

I enter my home from the back so I don’t often see the front walkway.  Sometimes it gets messy and out of hand without my knowing it.   Oops!  Now that I’m working in my hard more regularly, I should be able to stay on top of it.

So let’s roll up or sleeves, get on our gardening gloves and spiff up the front entryway.

Good times to weed and trim

  • after a rain
  • before weeds get really large
  • on a cool day
  • whenever it needs it
  • before scheduled city pickup days
  • whenever you have time or the spirit moves you

"Before" EntrywayIt felt great to get on top of my front yard.  Here are some before and after pictures (click the pictures to enlarge).

After weeding the sidewalk and retaining walls and weeding and trimming the raised bed, here’s the mess I created.

I used to dread this front walkway project because I’d get started before I had gathered all the tools I’d need for the job.  I’d constantly have to stop and get the right shovel, the hedge trimmer, a trash can to collect the debris, etc.  Now before I dig in, I gather up all the tools I need so I can just work, clean it up, and get it done as efficiently as possible.  Then I can stand back and admire my handiwork.

"After" entryway


Speaking of admiring my handiwork, here’s an “after” picture.

You can see how much better the sidewalk and raised beds look after a little effort.

Notice how much more light is shining too – the whole area is brighter (the camera angle and time of day helped too).


Home Sweet Home

Now when I walk up to my home, I smile and feel more on top of my life!  This happy home says welcome!

Home Sweet Home

 How does your entryway look?  Does it need some spiffing up?


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  1. suzanne holman says:

    Looks really great!

  2. Cheryl Miller says:

    Thanks Suzanne – how is your clean out-spiff up project going?

  3. Michele says:

    You did a beautiful job! I love it. I think our front yard is okay. We’re rural and all we have to do is basically mow the yard. But our front entry is a 3’5″X3′ space which harbors a welcome mat, a storage tub with a mamma cat and 5 kittens, several pairs of shoes, a bag of cat food, a water and food bowl and various other things that make their way in and get left. The ‘walking area’ is actually non existent and it’s more of a sort of hop skip dance to avoid the items mentioned above. I think cleaning this area will require evicting and relocating a lot of things.

  4. cheryl says:

    Michele – sounds like a plan is brewing. There’s nothing like an organized welcome home……even if the cats stay, you can work around them – maybe a shelf or something for the cat related stuff. What would you like your entryway to look like?

  5. Paul Sandburg says:

    Awesome job Cheryl! I am really enjoying the home detox posts. You are inspiring us all to be more organized and not to procrastinate.

    – Paul Sandburg

  6. Cheryl Miller says:

    Hi Paul – I can’t imagine you being more organized :) Glad you’re enjoying the series. I’m enjoying yours! I think I may have missed one though. When is the event?

  7. Paul Sandburg says:

    It is on Saturday June 16th. 45 days left to train! :)

    – Paul


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