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Whole House Detox Begins

Whole House DetoxIn this 90-day personal decluttering journey, I’ll share before and after pictures with a few videos sprinkled in when the spirit moves me. Yes, you’ll see the messes–and I do mean messes–including vitamin clutter, overfull book cases, stuffed closets, and my disorganized pantry.  I will go room to room, closet to closet, drawer to drawer, and cabinet to cabinet. I’ll clean out everything that is behind closed doors and drawers.   

I may post several times a day or skip several days.  Instead of  adding self-criticism to an already big project, I’m going to stay tuned in to my inner guidance to make this a positive rather than guilt-driven experience.    But when I do experience self-criticism despite my best efforts, I’ll share how I handle that too. 

And here’s the hardest part, Before moving on to the next room (I love to start things and have a hard time finishing), I’ll finish projects in each room that have been unfinished for years like making the shower curtain and finishing the curtains in my bedroom.  I’ll also change out the accessories in my loft bedroom (tired of orange and green).   Since books and paper are my “final frontier,” there’ll be lots of posts as I slug my way through years of information stockpiling.  And with tax time looming large, I’ll need to start that project soon (ugh!)

As I tackle my own resistance, run into challenges, or get side tracked, I’ll share my experience. I’ll also share my satisfaction as I clean up the messes and create streamlined systems that will help me live more simply. 

My hope is that what you read will make you feel more clear and confident about cleaning out your own life—whether you tackle just one room, two rooms, or your whole house.  I hope my journey is a mirror to your challenges and inspires you to take action too.  Is your heart beating a little faster?

The bottom line is, let’s clean up our lives.

How long will it take? It will take as long as it takes. I’ve earmarked 90 days but if it takes longer, so be it.  Are you in?

Please comment at the link below:  When you think about doing a Whole House Detox, what comes up for you?  What hopes, fears, resistance, excitement, dread?  Will you be joining in….working on your own house?

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  1. suzanne holman says:

    Cheryl, I could have written exactly what you wrote in this blog!

    I am so with you. Happy to have a travel partner on this journey! 90 days sounds short to me – And I will take it as a challenge to make as MUCH progress as possible. I’m tired of this dragging out for years. I want to remove the weight of unfinished projects from my psyche.

    I’m ready for new, fresh challenges and don’t want old baggage of accumulated stuff – tons of stockpiled information as you mentioned also! Have already cleared a lot of it and there is more to come.

    Go Cheryl go!!!

    My focus today is the tax preparation so that I can get it to my accountant in the next few days. I made pretty good progress last week and then got off track when I had carpets cleaned Thursday and had my environment disrupted.


  2. This is awesome! No matter how organized we think we are there is always clutter somewhere. I’m going to watch and read with interest what you are doing. What a great idea to stick to one project at a time. Get it done and move on to the next. A sense of accomplishment and completion.

    I look forward to seeing what your journey will unfold.

  3. Cheryl Miller says:

    Suzanne – so happy you’re joining the detox project. It does sound like we’re nose to nose. When I get to paper (next) please share your wisdom and challenges. Let’s help each other!

  4. Cheryl Miller says:

    Hi Kathleen – thanks for checking in. This will be a fascinating project for me because I’ve added the 90-day aspect and because of the “rule” to finish each room before starting the next. I’m usually much more permissive :)

  5. @LenaWest says:

    I love what you’re up to here! Awesome!

    I’ll be reading and watching.

  6. Cheryl Miller says:

    Thanks Lena – I know your comments will be helpful as we go along….because nothing stays in your house long enough to gather dust :) You’ve got the cleaning and decluttering down pat!

  7. Judi says:

    Love this idea Cheryl! My house could really use this and I could use the “lets get this finished” attitude!

  8. Cheryl Miller says:

    Hi Judi – great – so are you in? Let’s get this finished!

  9. Chris says:

    I love this idea – something must be in the air because I started doing something like this this weekend (even to the point of getting on my hands and knees and crubbing the floors and baseboards with Lysol wipes!) The big accomplishment though was getting rid of one and a half trash sacks of broken toys and “junk” from my kids’ room and a suitcase full of old clothes (dropped off at Goodwill this AM). Looking forward to seeing how everyone does!

  10. Cheryl Miller says:

    Hi Chris – Yes spring is in the air. Doesn’t it make you want to clean something! I love that you got on your hands and knees to scrub the floors and baseboards. That’s great exercise too! Bravo on all your progress. And thanks for sharing. Please follow along and add your successes and questions along the way. We’re all here for each other. Welcome aboard!

  11. Alice says:

    Total Whole House Detoxing must be a movement…seems like everyone’s doing it…great ideas you have…like finishing the projects as well as the space clearing…sounds really good…now to stick to the plan and make it happen with lots of action…sending you +++++ energy! Onward! I’m with you…support is always welcomed!

  12. Lisa says:

    Very ambitious task! You go girl! Good for you. I’ll be working alongside but 90 days with tax season in the middle seems like too short of a time span! I know it took me years to get into this mess and I’m thinking it will take me longer than 90 days to get out! Looking forward to trying though!

  13. Marlene says:

    I really need to do this. My house has gotten out of control in the last 3 years. I hope I can stay with it for 90 days.

  14. Marlene says:

    Oops – Forgot to check the followup box

  15. Ali says:

    What a great way to welcome spring. I will enjoy following your progress!

  16. Alice says:

    Yes, it feels like Spring already with all this warm weather…so good for space clearing..not too hot and not too cold!

  17. Judy says:

    I’ve already been working on this and have grand plans for Spring Break next week…..Taxes first, then painting and redecorating my living room, and cleaning out my laundry room closet which mainly has craft supplies and gifts/wrapping supplies. Over the Christmas break I started cleaning and organizing the basement starting with the holiday decorations I was putting back. (Do I really need all the X-mas, Valentines/Easter, etc. decor?) Did a few other cabinets as well. I am shooting for a garage sale in June. Leftovers go to Goodwill.
    Remember, baby steps. Doesn’t all have to be done at once. I like the 90 day goal. Good luck to evreyone else on your endeavors!

  18. rejoicing1 says:

    I’m in!! Great article and more importantly motivation.

  19. Cheryl Miller says:

    Yes Alice – onward! It’s the only way to go.

    Lisa, Yes tax season does bungle my timeline up too. But if it takes longer, I’ll take longer. Let’s take longer together!

    Marlene – please do this with me. Just dive in. If it takes longer, so be it. If it’s hard, no problem. Just hang in there with me. You’ll be glad you did….and so will I!

    Ali & Alice – spring really helps me kick it in gear. I think the wind stirs me up. Thank goodness for spring!

    Judy, you sound like a real go-getter! I’ll scramble to catch up :)

    Rejoicing! – thanks! Let’s rejoice as we do this project!

  20. Lois Schmidt says:

    Oh, just in time: warmer weather up here has ‘spring cleaning’ energy bug starting to bite – your plan is exactly what I need!
    90 days sounds just about right – so, “I’m in!”

    Thank you!

  21. Helen K says:

    Very exciting! This is right where I am on my path. I’m so glad that you are sharing your blog. I need help and support.
    Thank you, Cheryl

  22. Vicki Douglas says:

    Cheryl, obviously this is BIG with a lot of people. Thank you for the impetus.
    Baby steps are so important and not feeling guilt for not getting it done in 90 days is good too, but having the intention to work on our space is good.
    Thank you!
    Am looking forward to your progress notes.

  23. Shelly says:

    Dear Cheryl, Thanks so much for sharing this perspective of your own decluttering process. I have been wanting to do this for several years, and have been very stuck. I am grateful for your experience and example.

  24. Mary says:

    I’m in! I’ve been working toward this already as so many others have commented — I’ve emptied my craft room and only what will fit in will return! I have found a school to take leftovers, I have a bag for charity! Add I just lost my job and our youngest has flown the coop so we have a newly (and perhaps permanently) empty nest now! Lots of changes to work with! I do my own taxes — not daunting to me, but I do have to find a new job — that will be added stress! So excited to have a group of supporters suddenly! Woo hoo!

  25. Cheryl Miller says:

    Lois and Helen – Glad my timing is good and glad you’re in!

    Vicki – yes, baby steps win the race. and there’s no magic in 90-days. It just sounded about right for me but I’m now seeing it may not be long enough!

    Shelly – great time to get unstuck. Get started with me. We can work “side by side.”

    Mary – yes looks like lots of changes for you. And yes it’s great to have lots of supporters too!

  26. Tena says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Completed my laundry room and pantry this weekend. I’m dreading my closet and the storage room, but they are on my list.

  27. Cheryl Miller says:

    Bravo to you Tena! Three cheers! What are you dreading most about the closet and storage room? Probably because there’s so much stuff and a lot of decisions will need to be made? Maybe we can all help. Let us know your challenges.

  28. Tena says:

    You have that right, so many things means many decisions. The storage room has lots of Christmas things that need to find a new home because they aren’t that important anymore.

  29. Cheryl Miller says:

    Hi Tena – thanks for checking back in. How about Salvation Army for the Christmas things or a church. Make it easy on yourself. Good luck with it!


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