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Who is Hungry Girl?

I just discovered a weight loss, “healthy eating” website:  Here’s my evaluation of it.

What I love about

  • I love the bio of the owner – see it here  She is truly hungry.
  • I love her articles about herbs and whole foods – fabulous!
  • I love it that she has fun and makes learning interesting and easy.
  • I love it that she provides great tools – completely free!
  • She’s tried all the weight loss diets so has the inside track on fad diets.  She can expose their soft under bellies!
  • I just discovered this site today, so I’m sure there are more cool things about this site.

What I do NOT love about

  • A lot of her recommended foods and recipes rely on nonfoods – artificial sweeteners, fake butters, chemicalized cuisine – yucky pooh!
  • I guess that’s all I don’t like about it.

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Thumbs Up

On the whole I give Hungry-Girl a thumbs up – just don’t get sucked into eating all the fake foods – unless you don’t mind your body saying, “Hey wassup?  What am I supposed to do with these chemicals?  Do I turn them into blood, bones, muscle tissue, or do I just stash them in your joints so you can’t bend over to tie your shoes?” 

Comments Please

What do you think about artificial foods? At the link below, tell us what you think.

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  1. Jen says:

    I subscribe to the Hungry Girl newsletter, and I feel exactly the same as you. There’s unfortunately way too much emphasis on artificially-produced food “replacements”. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I’m no longer willing to put those things into my body, and though it’s making it significantly more difficult to lose weight, I know I’ve made the right choice for my overall health.

  2. helen cowan says:

    Hi Cheryl;

    Artificial foods is exactly what it is and when we eat them we teach our bodies how to deal with artificial foods and then we have to deal with the consequences from feeding our bodies with these type of foods. I know first-hand what artificial foods do to my body. 10 years ago I was in a wheel-chair and given 2 months to live but when I took control of what I was eating and fed my body only whole food supplements my three major diseases disappeared and I become strong again as a person.


  3. Helen: I’d like to hear more about your healing plan. I find it interesting that you ended by saying your whole foods journey made you stronger as a person (and not just in your body). I know that when I make good choices in life – whatever they are – I feel better about myself as a person.

    If you find your way back to this post, would you share more of your story? I’d love to hear it. Cheryl


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