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When a recipe flops….

I call myself an intuitive cook – that means I usually don’t use recipes.  It also means that sometimes my cooking flops like it did the other day when I ad libbed a green curry chicken.  The problem is I don’t have much skill at Thai cooking.  I have a lot more skill at eating Thai food.  So it wasn’t surprising that my soup turned out poorly.  I didn’t know how to correct the seasonings.  Everything I tried made it worse.

Lesson learned (hopefully).

The solution is obvious – add to my skills as a cook.  My city offers a variety of whole foods cooking classes at the Community Mercantile.
I can sign up for cooking classes.  I can also scour the web for recipes and cooking demos like I did this morning.

    How fun!  See how a problem (ruining my dinner) can turn into fun…..

    So now the resources are pouring in…..

    A friend sent me a wonderful web site that I think you may also enjoy.  Here’s a recipe for the Pea Shoot salad pictured below

    If you think you can’t cook, reach out and take a class, gather recipes that are surefire winners.  Set yourself up to succeed in the kitchen.

    peashootsalad .

    Do you have a cooking success or failure story.  Tell it at the “comment” link below!

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