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What's For Dinner

Here’s what I’ve got baking in the oven. I’m working on going gluten- and dairy-free and I’m trying to wrap my mind around how to make things taste good. So tonight I cut open an acorn squash from fruit stuffed acorn squash the farmers’ market and started channeling the universe for ways to make it taste like heaven.  After a long work week, I want food that tastes great and satisfies all of my senses.

Note:  When I cook intuitively, each step becomes clear as I move through the processes of washing and chopping and scanning the row of spices. 

Here’s what came to me while tuning in.  I mixed the following fruits and nuts together adding a small amount of olive oil for moisture, flavor, and health benefits:

  • One apple (chopped)
  • Small handful of dried cranberries
  • Small handful of organic raisins
  • A tablespoon each of raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • 5-7 walnuts
  • A sprinkle of dried onions
  • A dash of ground cloves
  • A smidgen of ginger
  • Several shakes of cinnamon
  • Several shakes of sea salt

After mixing these ingredients together, I filled the two halves of the acorn squash and popped them in the convection oven on 375 for an hour.  I did not peel the acorn squash.  I just cut it in half and scooped out the seeds.  I’ll keep checking it in case it doesn’t take that long. It smells divine. 

I think hearty fall foods help compensate for the sometimes cold, wet, and dark days of fall and winter. Flannel sheets help too!  It also helps that it’s the weekend and tonight I get to do whatever I want!  I hope you set aside times during the week to do whatever YOU want.  It’s critical to health and happiness.  And I’m not just saying that.  It’s critical.

Just checked and it’s not done yet so I’m snacking on celery dipped in red pepper humus. 

Anybody have ideas for some healthy, hearty fall foods? Tell us at the comment link below. 

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  1. This was so good this past fall…I’m ready to make it again (even though it’s spring). It’s still chilly so hot food tastes great.


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