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What did YOU have for lunch today?

I’m inspiring myself with this healthy eating series… yesterday instead of running to a restaurant for lunch, I made a great chicken salad.  I had intended to make tuna salad, but you’ll hear all about that on the video. 

The recipe I describe in the video below made three servings … the perfect amount … because I never had a chance to get tired of it.  You can eat this straight up, in a sandwich, or on Rye Krisp crackers if you’re trying to avoid gluten. 

  • What did you have for lunch today?  Give us all the gory details.  Even if it wasn’t healthy.
  • What are your most favorite (typical) lunches?
  • What’s your favorite healthy lunch?
  • We need ideas of lunches to bring to work….so tell us about that too!
  • Give us the lunch scoop at the comment link below….

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I had leftover cracked pepper seasoned pork tenderloin with peas, a salad, cottage cheese, yogurt, apple and 2 pieces of Dark chocolate (1/3 of a serving).
    Tomorrow, I will have stir fry vegetables, blackened salmon, a salad, cottage cheese, yogurt, apple and 2 pieces of Dark chocolate (1/3 of a serving).

  2. So you know what you’re going to eat every day? You make a menu? I’m coming over for lunch! Sounds very yummy and satisfying. Cheryl

  3. Rebecca says:

    I usually have whatever is leftover from supper for lunch the next day, but since we had filet mignon tonight, there wasn’t leftovers, so I’ll have the salmon. I pack my lunch the night before (even when I run errands.) I don’t eat out very often. I prefer to have control of what I eat. I’ve learned to enjoy planning ahead and to keep my calories inside a range thanks to They have taught me over the last 2 1/2 years to make changes slowly. It’s working. I’m over 70 pounds lighter and went from too tight size 18 jeans to a very comfortable size 8 jeans.

  4. Oh my Rebecca – we need to hear from you. You’ve definitely learned how to do it. Slow weight loss is the best. And control over what we eat is the best! You’re the best! Please tell us as much as you possibly can throughout this month of our focus on healthy eating. You’re the expert! Thanks for your contributions. Cheryl

  5. Rebecca says:

    The first thing I learned was to write down every bite I take. Even now that I am less than 10 pounds from my goal, I still write down everything. (Actually I keep track on my nutritional tracker at I plan ahead. I measure and weigh my food. At first I had to do this with everything. Now I am fairly accurate with the measurements that I don’t weigh every time.
    I use a George Foreman grill for almost every bit of my cooking. I rarely fry anything. And I make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

    I can’t say enough about how much taught me. It was through the small steps I learned there that I am where I am today. God led me to Sparkpeople and He has helped me keep up the momentum even through long plateaus and a broken ankle.

  6. Rebeca – great! Now do you realy cook every bite of food with the GF grill? Or just the meat? Do tell! Cheryl

  7. Rebecca says:

    Usually just the meat, sometimes the vegetables. I even cook eggs and omelets on it along with healthy pancakes and waffles. I have the red one G5 Next generation with interchangeable plates.

    Vegetables don’t take as long as meats usually.
    I tend to steam most of the vegetables using my steam basket while the meat cooks.

  8. Are the plates easy to change? I’m going on line right now to check this gizmo out!

    The prices ranged from $59 to $140 for the same grill. Here’s the link for the $59 deal: It’s refurbished…but that’s OK with me.

    Do you know if you can buy it in stores for $59? I noticed the shipping for this is almost $21. Anybody know where to get the best deal on this puppy? Cheryl

  9. Rebecca says:

    The plates are very easy to change. My husband even uses this. Last Christmas I got them as presents for my daughters (and my folks) for under $100 at Target. I haven’t seen them in the stores lately though.

    I do know if anything happens to ours, we will definitely be replacing it. I can cook omelets, pancakes, waffles on it as well as bake just a few cookies. It does steaks, fish, vegetables. We love it.


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