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What did you have for lunch today?

Some friends asked me to go to lunch today at the last minute.  Sure…I love the fun that going out to lunch brings.  But then the challenge begins….what should I order that I will enjoy and that will be good for me?  I also try to choose food that my stomach and body will like.

Do you ask yourself both of these questions?  Or do you just think about what would taste good?

Let’s do lunch.  At the comment link below, tell us what you had for lunch today and tell us what you were thinking about the food as you prepared it or ordered it from the menu.

I’ll start.  I had a baked chicken Quesadilla with chips but didn’t eat the chips – no drink.  I was thinking….I just had a big salad last night and will probably have another one for dinner, so I’ll eat a little more for lunch.

Your turn.  What did you eat for lunch today and what were you thinking about it?  See the comment link below?  Go there.

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