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What are Your Self-Care Priorities?

30-Day Self-Care Challenge (Part II) Day 16

When it comes to self-care, do you need to reorient your thinking–shift your priorities?  How would you organize the following list–with #1 being the most important:

  1. Your family
  2. Your friends
  3. Your Work
  4. Politics (it’s heating up isn’t it!)
  5. Your health and well-being

Notice that your health and well-being is at the bottom of the list.  I think that’s where it is for most people.  Are YOU most people?

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  1. Julie Trowbridge says:

    I am about to turn 65, lost my only and older sister last month, and am feeling incredibly old right now. She was 67 and I wonder how long I will live-very down thinking I know but where I’m at in the grief process. I started ignoring exercise and working more to stay busy, and I’m feeling it. I need to get back to being good to my body and mind.

  2. Hi Julie – I would so love to cheer you up! Your comment tugged at my heart. The loss of a sister is to big for me to even think about. Grief can really take it out of us. And it can serve as a bridge to the next thing. I’m wondering what’s up for you next?? Your sister’s death was a stopping point for some things, and there’s now an opening for something else. Of course, it’s probably too soon to even be thinking of these things.

    I think you’re right about being good to your body and your mind now. Ask your helpful spirits to help support you in these next steps.

    I’m sending you some loving energy now, Julie. I hope you can feel it. Cheryl


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