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Water . . . the Forgotten Beverage

After posting the article about chronic dehydration, I filled my water jug and poured a big glass of water. Without having a regular “watering system” in place, it’s easy to let the day slip away without drinking much (any?) water. That’s why I thought you’d enjoy reading some quick tips to help you drink enough water every day.

Five Signs That You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

  1. You feel tired.
  2. Your mouth, lips, or throat are dry.
  3. Your skin is dry and flaky.
  4. You are constipated or irregular.
  5. Your muscles and body hurt or ache.

If you drink beverages that cause dehydration, you need even more than the usual 8, 8 oz glasses of water: coffee, caffeinated soft drinks and tea, beer, and other kinds of alcohol.

Our bodies need to replace about two and a half to three quarts of water every day to support life functions. Water is critical in the breakdown and assimilation or nutrients and elimination of wastes–pretty important functions to be sure.

Adding water to your day will stave off the effects of mild dehydration, such as irritability, fatigue, and headaches. Also, the right amount of water helps regulate your body’s temperature, carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, flush toxins, and promote good digestion.

Some of our water intake comes from the plant-based foods we eat–-fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. So eat lots of these. Beverages make up the rest. For many of us, our beverages consist mainly of coffee, tea, soda pop, and alcohol (all of which draw water from our bodies because of their diuretic qualities). Our internal water supply is further compromised if there is an excessive intake of salt, sugar or protein. These substances require greater amounts of water intake for balance and proper body function.

Dry, heated air adds to our dehydration. So does exercise. If you’re down a quart, your skin may be flaky, your hands and feet cracked and dry. Constipation is another side effect of dehydration. Fortunately, the solution is simple. . . drink water. Try these tasty water recipes:

H2O Punch
1 cup chlorine-free water
1 cup of cool clear water
1 cup distilled water
1 cup shaved ice
Shake vigorously
Serves 4

Make Mine Water
1 cup carbon filtered water
1 tiny umbrella
Serves 1

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