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Want to See What’s in My Grocery Bags?


I’m starting another two week cleansing program so I went to the Community Mercantile “The Merc” to stock up on healthy foods.  Check out the video below to see what’s in my grocery bags.  See if you can guess how much it cost.  I’ll share the total at the end.

Want to join me in my healthy eating plan this week?  I’m going to focus on eliminating caffeine, sugar, and white flour. 

And hey, if you know any good ideas for how to use these groceries, please share at the comment link below.

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  1. Kit says:

    I too love the Merc. We’ve been eating the simmer sauces in our house – add just any assortment of vegetables or chicken and you have a really quick meal.
    Have you considered making your own salad dressing? I’ve come to dislike the taste of bottled since I’ve been making my own.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Glad to hear you like the simmer sauces. Eager to try them.

    I’ve made my own salad dressing a number of times and haven’t hit upon the “recipe” that really tastes good to me. Do you have a favorite vinaigrette recipe you can share?

  3. Kit says:

    My favorite is a mustard one. about 2 T olive oil, 6 T vinegar, a squirt of honey, about a Tablespoon of your favorite mustard (like grainy mustard or dijon) and a little pepper. Maybe garlic if you’re in the mood for it. I like to use the recipes in the Joy of Cooking – they have quite a variety.

    PS. you have me in the mood to eat lentils now! Thanks for the video.

  4. Deena says:

    Loved seeing your grocery sack! I have not tried the simmer sauces but they sound good. I too make my own salad dressing. My basic is dijon, olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper. I put it in a small mason jar and shake. I only make a little at a time so I can try different ones. The way I mix it up is to change the vinegar like balsamic or rasberry. Or I use honey mustard and rasberry to make a honey mustard vinargerette. Sometimes I will put in some all fruit preserves, blackberry is my fav. I like to also add a shallot or clove of garlic. I LOVE fennel! Also try it raw in a salad. It is delicious. I would have the balsamic dressing with it.

  5. Hi Kit – So I bet you saw the movie Julie and Julia. I sore pearls for several days after that movie. I don’t think I have that cookbook any longer. It got downsized. I’ll definitely make the recipe you recommended.

    Hey Deena – I wish you were my personal chef. You’re always creating fabulous concotions. You should have your own cooking show. We should do a “dressing & sauce” evening where we experiment with a variety of things that make veggies taste great.

  6. Deena says:

    that sounds like fun! especially with veggie season upon us!


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