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Walking Poles for the Active Wheelchair (WC) Pusher

A colleague of mine sent me a link to a fascinating story about a woman who in my view is a champion.  She does more physical activity in her wheelchair than most of us do on two feet.  We could take a lesson from her.

Pushing my chair for exercise has never been an appealing option for me in these last 15+ years of living with a SCI. I am an active WC user. I play tennis, kayak, and swim, walk the dogs, XC-ski, water ski, hand-cycle, stretch, strengthen and look for opportunities to get my endorphin lift.  Recently I tried a pair of Exerstrider® adjustable length walking poles.  Now this may sound a little weird for someone who does not walk for exercise given my above list of regular activities but it’s true, walking poles can be adapted for use by WC users……

….the rest of the story here

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