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Waking Up Worried

Normally, I’m a really good sleeper.  My motto is “sleep, sleep, sleep”  that is until I spent two weeks trying to set up health and safety processes for my aging parents.  As fast as I could set them up, they shifted or disappeared. 

My mother is like a ferret–she takes things from one place and moves them to another for no apparent reason.  So the prescription medicine that was in the pill box gets moved to the table in front of my father who grabs it to take one–just because he’s a man of action and it’s there for him to do. 

One of my spies (the morning care giver we hired) emailed me to say that my dad didn’t take any of his medication on Sunday.  He mentioned this to my mother who said she’d take more care reminding him.  That will last about a day.

If I hadn’t stayed at their house these past two weeks, I wouldn’t have had this first-hand knowledge about these kinds of safety hazards.  So I wake up most mornings (early!) worried about them.  This morning I woke up thinking about making a checklist (thanks for the idea Aydan!) for my dad to keep track of his “to dos.”  I think he’d like a list since one of his biggest challenges is dementia. 

The list will include:  eat breakfast, take AM pills for the current day, take a short walk, eat lunch, eat dinner, take PM pills.  Anything else I should add? 

My question for you is, how do we keep from worrying so much about our aging parents?  Click the comment link below and share your thoughts and experiences. 

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