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Unused Kitchen Gadgets (kitchen clutter)

What kitchen tools, equipment, and gadgets have you purchased but don’t use?

I use almost all of the tools, equipment, and gadgets in my kitchen because a couple of years ago I went through every drawer and cabinet and got rid of everything that was just taking up space. 

For some reason I had 5 tea balls, and I don’t really drink tea – but I obviously think I should! 

Do you have a ton of plastic containers that fall on your head when you open the cabinet where they’re crammed in?  And do you have lids that you don’t know what they go with?  I got rid of most of my plastic containers and replaced them with glass containers.

I moved my hard-to-clean juicer to the garage (for a garage sale that got rained out) and I hope that somebody steals it! 

If you have knives or potato peelers or other tools that don’t work well, are hard to clean, or don’t relate to the kinds of foods you like to cook and eat, give them to Goodwill or another thrift shop of your choosing.  Check to see if your church kitchen or local soup kitchen could use these items.  If you’re a member of, advertise it to that list and give away your kitchen clutter. 

Now it’s your turn:  What kitchen tools, equipment, and gadgets have you purchased but don’t use?  Is it time to let your kitchen clutter go?  Where are your favorite places to donate these items?  Tell us all about it at the comment link below.

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