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Unhook from Disaster

have you ever noticed that some people attract disaster? they even expect it and look for it. If something good happens they say, "oh oh, this makes me nervous. something bad always follows something good." and if two bad things happen to them they say, "i wonder what the third bad thing is going to be."

here’s some bad stuff that happens to these people:

* they get big late fees on bounced checks (they don’t balance their checkbook)

* their car breaks down at the end of the month when they have no money

* their car breaks down after their cat has had an expensive operation, they got their hours cut, they sprained their ankle, their boyfriend slept with another woman, AND they have an outbreak of acne.

* a tree falls on their garage

* their rent goes up, they lose their car keys, and they gain 30 pounds before a high school reunion

* they rent a video and it needs to be rewound. they rewind it and it won’t play.

* the storm cuts off their electricity so they are late to work . . . the first day of their new job

* they lose their keys . . . every day.

* they are eating at a restaurant and discover they’ve lost or forgotten their wallet.

* they step on a tennis ball while going down stairs and wrench their back.

* if it’s bad, it happens

why do people attract disaster?

* because they look for it and expect it

* because they’re used to it and "comfortable" with it

* because they lived in chaos growing up, and disaster was the norm

* because they don’t know any other way is possible

* because they don’t believe they deserve a smooth, simple existence

* because they believe smooth and simple is boring

how can people stop attracting disaster?

* stop looking for it and expecting it.

* make a list of all the ways disaster sucks and how it’s not comfortable.

* get counseling and look at childhood dynamics that drew you to a life of disaster.

* observe people who have what you’d consider to be a good life. ask them how they avoid disaster. make a study of disaster and ways to avoid it.

* trust that there is another way…fake it until you make it.

* don’t blame anybody for your life. take control of your life and make it a good life . . . or a great life. it IS possible even if you don’t have a clue how to do it.

* after therapy, get a life coach. they can help you create a good, even great life, but you’ve gotta unhook from the disaster energy and dynamic.

* even if you don’t deserve a disaster-free life, and who does, you can have one. "deserve" is a word dreamed up by marketing programs…."you deserve a break today…eat our food, buy our stuff, go into debt."

* first off, there’s really no such thing as smooth and simple. but there is a thing called disaster-free living. the majority of people live this way.

if you’re prone to disaster, and are curious about checking out another way of life, definitely do it. i hope these suggestions provoke a little hope.

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