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Two Interesting Movies

two good movies to recommend: bob roberts with tim robbins, susan serandon (his main squeeze) and a host of other great actors. tim wrote and directed it. he and his brother wrote the original music for it. tim robbins plays a rebel conservative politian serenading dazed and glazed youth across the country. several liberal dissidents make for some fascinating political behind the scenes whistle blowing. it was funny but unsettling ala wag the dog.

EdTV is the other. a cast of well-known actors (you might know their names, i don’t) do a reality tv gig where ed’s life is on tv 24/7. woody harleson is one of the gang…..that i can actually remember his name. his brother ed gets himself and his whole family into lots of trouble. it’s quirky and interesting. well, it’s back to work. nice chatting.

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