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Tough Day at the Office?

30-Day Self-Care Challenge (Part II) Day 23

Your boss just doesn’t get you or your program?  You have to justify everything?  Your funding goes out the window?  Your supervisor is half your age?  You can’t find anything because you haven’t had the time to file things in months?  Your cube mate won’t stop talking and you can’t focus?  Your computer network was down half the day?

Stuff happens.  We have bad days–hopefully not every day.  What can you do to take care of yourself?

10 Things to Sooth a Bad Day at the Office 

  1. Go to bed earlier than usual.  More sleep is required when times are stressful.Call a friend and talk about it.
  2. Walk it off.  A long, brisk walk will help burn the stress products your body produced during the day.
  3. Forget it….it’s history!
  4. Recognize that tomorrow is a new day and a new day is almost always brighter.
  5. Take a hot, soaking bath.
  6. Do something fun to help you shift your negative perspective.
  7. Just decide to shift your negative perspective, with or without a diversion.
  8. Call a friend and talk about it.
  9. Close your eyes and take a mini vacation.  Go somewhere in your mind’s eye that is relaxing like the beach, the mountains, the prairie, or the ocean.  Luxuriate in the peacefulness.
  10. Capture any possible opportunities.  Did the problems that occurred today make you think of fixes for the future?
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