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To, Too, Two

As an Enlish major and writing instructor (past lifetime) and lover of words,  Ilike to think about writing, write, and write about writing. Now and then I include grammar lessons in this blog. I you’re up for that, here goes.

I think everybody knows how to use "to" – I am going to the store. And most people know how to use "two" – A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Numbers are spelled one, two, three, etc.

But lots of people misspell "too" – Here are some correct examples of usage: I am going too. Did you enjoy that tofu too? I don’t think I’ll be too late. Dictionary definition of too – 1) also, besides (I’m going too) 2) to an excessive degree (too much food) 3) so (you did too! or nu-huh!)

Cheater’s tip If you can’t remember how to spell too, just avoid using it. I always avoid using who and whom because I can’t remember what’s correct….and because I never want to use whom (yucky uptight language) unless I’m referring to the book, for whom the bell tolls.

Ways to avoid using too (if you can’t remember how to spell it):

* Are you going with them vs are you going too

* Can I have a pickle vs can I have one too (actually you also should avoid this usage because the correct phrasing would be may I have one too (yucky uptight language)

* Will tofu work in this recipe vs Is tofu too bland for this recipe (the second sentence is actually more specific and therefore a better sentence). It’s better to misspell something and write clearly than it is to spell everything correctly and communicate like a dud.

That’s enough for this lesson :)

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