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Things Just Worked Out

graham at fixed a problem we were having with my blog archives since we’re now ftping it to he just did it and it works. i love it that there was no struggle there. he actually read my email, figured out what i needed, and…… did it. i know that sounds like a no-brainer….but have you noticed in this virtual world we live in now that people don’t take the time to help you…..or they’re so behind the scenes that you just can’t get to them at all. being a people-person……i don’t like that. i’m also kinda demanding when i want something to work (yes i’m working on that), so when graham fixed my problem and emailed me about it right away, i was SO pleased and told him so.

i think he’ll go far with the qualities he exhibited helping me….a total stranger. i’m not even a paying customer. i get it all for free and he still helps me with finesse and then tells me where to find the solution on their web if i ever need it again. so he’s gone the extra mile, and i noticed that. would like to pinch his cheeks. i’ll bet he’s cute. people who are cool and helpful and with-it are always cute in my eyes…even if they have a big nose, crooked glasses, or don’t smile.

thank you graham for being a way-cool techie who cares. my hope has been restored.

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