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The Special Sparrow

I’m certain that birds are all over my spiritual totem.  I love birds and watch them everywhere I go.  I can often tell what kind of bird it is by the way it sits on a wire, the way it flies, or how it looks in the distance.  I’m no birder, but I care and that’s why I know things about them.

That said, it’s surprising to me that I’ve lived this long without noticing that hot birds keep their beaks open.  How could I miss that!  It helps them cool off – kind of like panting.  Again, no expert, but that’s the conventional wisdom I’ve tapped into  since Kansas is in an record breaking heat wave and wildlife and other creatures across the country are struggling to cool off.   Cattle in the feed lots, poultry and swine in the industrial farms….but that’s a story for another post….and an opportunity for prayers. 

Even though it’s hot hot hot, I sit on my deck sweating and tuning into the wildlife in my small section of land – a few hundred square feet.  I’m thrilled that the special sparrow shows up now and then to let me know that he/she is still around and OK.  

Nature is perfect and imperfect all in the same moment.  Again, I’ve never seen this….a bird with a gnarled foot – shriveled and only useful to keep the bird from falling to the right when landing.  Useless when gripping the bowl I provide for water on the deck railing.  He just drank and got his fill, handicap and all.  A fantastically lovely site for me to witness.  In fact, observing this scene I acknowledge that we’re all wounded – not always visible and apparent to the naked eye.  The blessed wounds that provide us with opportunities to rise and shine, adapt, and inspire.

I am inspired.  That sparrow probably wasn’t chosen in mating, probably lives marginally, but that sparrow still sings and plays and prospers to the delight of ….. me.

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  1. Rita Wilson says:

    Cheryl, I call that an awakening. I’ve been a bird watcher since I was little and have always been amazed and entertained. Thank you for interestingly sharing your experience.

    I am now retired and have a patio, which is the only outside space (and a shared garden way back in the corner) I’m allowed to use for personal desires, can’t plant trees, plants, flowers, just in containers on that patio or in the garden area. I thought about this since retiring July 7th and next year I’ll have all kinds of pots with pumps and a water garden will be born for birds, bees, dragonflies, and nature in general – an ME!!! I had pots full of plants on the patio, but nearly all were fried. Even with me pampering them. Yes, water garden and I can hardly wait to get set up and going.

    Thanks for all you do to keep us healthy, Rita

  2. Hi Rita! How nice to hear from you. Your container pot garden and water garden sound wonderful. In this heat I’m not surprised you had challenges keeping up.

    Yes, I share your love of birds. They are so magical and keep me entertained and inspired. How do they fly so fast and then stop on a dime to land on a branch? That’s something I’m going to explore! Do you know?


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