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The Old School is Dead….what's next?

Do you feel that there’s a big shift?  What’s old school? and what’s next?  This is a big one….  Please comment below :)

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  1. dixie lubin says:

    What’s next? First of all, returning to much more of the wisdom of indigenous peoples-walking so much more lightly on the earth, practicing all the principles of thriftiness, living simply and humbly not because you should, but because you realize that you HAVE TO do so for your own survival, for the survival of seven generations. What’s next is not going to be pretty, or easy. There is going to be a lot of suffering and craziness and chaos. What will get us through? We don’t all need to become Buddhists, but practicing mindfulness is essential…
    learning to fully occupy the moment in all it’s richness. Including the natural world in your awareness, and realizing the implications of each of your actions on the larger ecosystem from day to day. Thinking about how the excessive entitlement attitude of many humans is causing so much destruction which only keeps accelerating. Thinking about your children, grandchildren and beyond, and how your actions will impact the world they inherit.

  2. Hi there Dixie – I can see you’ve been thinking about this too….and so eloquently expressed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and sensitivities! Cheryl


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