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The Greatest Danger

Hey, Lena here from the Wellness Fast Lane.

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“The greatest danger before you is this: you live in an age when people would package and standardize your life for you — steal it from you and sell it back to you at a price. That price is very high.

You have already been selected for this program. You have its credit cards and designer labels already expensively around you. In the months ahead, you will find yourselves working long hours, too exhausted for community life or even good friendships — too compromised to take a stand against the abuses of the system you serve. A great treadmill has been devised for you, and its operators do not care much if it wears you out or kills you. A system is in place to steal your life from you, if you will let it. Don’t let it.”

This is from a blog post by Granny D on

One of the greatest wellness gifts we can give ourselves is thinking for ourselves.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably not trusted your own thinking for quite some time.

The last time you trusted yourself, things didn’t turn out so good.  In fact, you might of been dead wrong.  So now you’re reluctant to trust yourself at all.  Rather than take a chance  and LEARN to listen to yourself, you’d rather play it safe.

At least if you don’t listen to yourself, you can’t be wrong when the outcome is different than you expected.  That way, you can blame the Universe. Blame God. Blame the economy. Blame the President. Blame your family. Blame your friends. Blame your pastor. Blame your husband. Blame your wife. Anyone but you. That’s the easy way.

Will you LEARN to listen to yourself? (Because listening to yourself is a skill that’s learned over time.) Will you trust that if you tap into the Universe, you will get – NOT the outcome that you want – but rather, the outcome that’s the highest good for all involved?

Will you resist the temptation to follow the latest guru, fad, diet, system, program and simply follow yourself? I used to think that fancy programs would ‘save’ me and my business. Now I know that only I can ‘save’ me.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t educate yourself. This doesn’t mean that you don’t read what other people have to say about self improvement and development. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be a student of life. It DOES mean that you can feel comfortable taking what you KNOW feels right and feeling 100% confident in leaving the rest behind – because you have thought for yourself and you know it’s not for you.

I’ll give you an example:

When Deepak Chopra first became popular, I bought a bunch of his books and audio tapes.  Same thing with Wayne Dyer.  I even paid to see Wayne Dyer speak and I don’t pay to see ANYONE speak. 

I would sit and try my hardest to listen to each of them talk about being “an infinite part of infinite possibilities with limitless bounds” or “connecting to source to set my intention”. I thought something was really wrong with me when I found I couldn’t connect with messages from these gurus – these extremely gifted, spiritually dialed-in people.

I’ve since realized that Dyer and Chopra are great people with awesome messages – just not for me. I respect them as humans. I respect their contribution to the enlightenment of the world. I just can’t get jiggy with their message. That doesen’t make me a tenant of the lower rungs of spiritual development. It makes me me.

For so long, I struggled with learning to think for myself. Yes, me. Boy, I could tell you stories. And, sometimes I still struggle. If sharing my story this day on this blog helps even ONE person to trust themselves, then it’s worth baring my soul.

Here’s what I know: you will lead yourself to exactly where you think you need to be. The question is, where do you really, truly, in the quietness of your soul, think you need to be?

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  1. Getting quiet and “going within” is an important skill that can be challenging to practice when we’re living in the fast lane. But we must practice. If we don’t go within, we’ll forever be tempted to believe only in the external world. We’ll listen to everyone but ourselves.

    Glad you’re listening to yourself, Lena.

  2. lenawest says:

    Absolutely, I think that greatest fear many people have to listening to themselves is that they’ll hear something they don’t want to…and then they can either live in denial or they’ll actually have to act on it.

    I know that feeling all too well…



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