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The Fun Theory

Have you ever noticed that if things are fun, we’ll do them even if they’re more difficult than the alternative?  Getting more physically active is our #1 health challenge.  How can we make it more fun?  A group of students from Stockholm came up with a brilliant idea…and here’s how they implemented it.

At company picnics and retreats, employees do the craziest things because they’re fun…like the three legged race and the ropes challenge courses.  I recently heard of a company challenge to build a “boat” from cardboard that must transport an employee from one end of the pool to the other.  What else can we do at home and at the work site to make physical activity more fun?

Here’s my suggestion. Create a “Fun Committee” at work that dreams up wild and crazy and FUN ways to bring wellness into the workplace.  And on the home front, get your kids involved.  If they’re not yet teenagers, the serious gene isn’t full blown yet and they’re not as worried that you’ll embarrass them.

I’m tapped out.  I need your help….what other suggestions do you have? Leave your comments at the link below.

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