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Summer Evening Walk – Where Do Dragonflies Come From?

Tonight there were at least 1,000 dragonflies on the levee – a sure sign of summer.  The hotter it gets, the more of them I see.  I’d never seen so many before, though.  Maybe it’s their last hoorah before the end of summer.  It occurred to me that I don’t know much about the life cycle of dragonflies.  How long do they live, what do they eat, how do they reproduce?  Where are they all going to go once it gets cold?  Do they just die and resurface next summer? 

I’m a city person – love nature – but don’t really know that much about the specifics.  I really appreciate the flora and the fauna and study it when I get curious – like now.  I see a Google search in my near future.  And the future is now.

I had no idea dragonflies started out in the water – and kind of ugly at that.  But fascinating.  Now to find out where they go before they die … to start the life cycle over again…..

Are there any insect experts out there who can add to the description provided in this short video?  Click the comment link below.

If you cannot see the video below, your work place is blocking it—I hope you can watch it at home or convince IT to allow this feature (a long shot but worth a try).  Once you click the arrow to watch, you will need to click the link to watch it on youtube – but it’s worth it.

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  1. Sidney says:

    Dear Cheryl,
    Thank you for sharing the You-Tube about Dragonflies. I had wondered a little about them. I have been taking a raft out to Lake Clinton and enjoy watching the dragonflies lighting on me.
    How are you?
    Happy Labor Day.

  2. Hi Sidney! I’m doing fine. Glad you enjoyed the post. Your trip to the lake sounds wonderful. Do you float around on the raft? That used to be one of my most favorite things when I lived in Michigan and we had lakes everywhere.

    Looking forward to lounging on Labor Day :)

  3. Loved the video….fascinating to see the development of those fabulous dragonflies!

    Thanks for sharing..
    It must have been magnificent to see so many at once!

    Hugs to you!


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