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Success Strategies to Help You Stick with Fitness

a 30-Day chronicle about getting back in shape

Wanted to let you know that the longer I stick with my fitness routine, the more committed I get to healthy eating.  That’s a bonus.  In my next post I’m going to open my fridge and kitchen cabinets and tell you about what I’ve been eating.

Success Tactics

Here are some of the things I’m doing to help me stick with my decision to get fit again:

  1. Before I started my program, I did a personal assessment:  weight, measurements (calf, thigh, hip, waist, bust, biceps).  I’ve been keeping these measurements for years and have watched them steadily grow along with me.  Now I’m watching them steadily decrease.  Very motivating.
  2. I’m keeping a food and fitness journal.  It’s nothing fancy, just a place to regularly record my daily food and fitness choices.  Research is clear that people who record their daily food intake, lose weight.
  3. I went public with my story in order to add a bit more interest and challenge.  As I share my story in this blog, I’m forced to think about what to say.  That makes me take a closer look at what I’m experiencing every day.  I’m becoming more aware and that’s always a good thing.  
  4. I’ve invited you to share your story.  Other people’s stories are always inspiring.  So please share your comments, questions, and favorite resources at the comment link below.

Should you see a physician before starting an exercise program?

Medical Disclaimer: Any information you obtain from this blog series is not
intended and should not be construed as medical advice and is for the sole purpose of providing information derived from the experience of the author. Diet, exercise or other lifestyle changes should be made only after consulting with your own intuition, common sense, and health care practitioner.
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