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Stamp Out Stupidity with Me

i’m hoppin’ mad. it’s 101 degrees at 3:30pm in kansas, and i just got back from a quick walk around the block. no, that’s not the stupid part of this story. as i was heading back i passed two women who parked their car in the full sun to go into one of the state office buildings. their windows were down 2 inches and there was a small dog barking inside. of course, i stopped to show my concern. they said they’d just be in the building for a few minutes. but even 5 minutes in 101 degree temp with the sun beating down into their windshield, it would quickly get scorching in there–yes, even in 5 minutes. and when you (the human) are cool and comfy and on an errand, 5 minutes can quickly turn into 20. let’s say they didn’t get what they needed and were sent to another agency, or they wanted to stop and get a pop, or they saw somebody they hadn’t seen in ages. g-r-r-r-r-r-r-r. i don’t want to read one more story about a child left in a hot car (even 70 degrees can get hot fast in some circumstances) or a dog or even groceries! g-r-r-r-r-r-r. and yes, they heeded my warning and brought the dog with them.

what made me so mad was that they couldn’t figure out how serious this situation was by themselves. if i hadn’t happened by, that little doggie might have gotten very sick or died. please help me stamp out stupidity and spread the word about the dangers of leaving ANY living thing in the car when it’s hot while we run an errand. and why not just leave the poor creatures at home if it’s not critical that they come along!

A little experiment

those women should do a little experiment. put on a fur coat, roll the windows down two inches and draw straws to see which one will sit in the hot car while the other one runs an errand in the cool air conditioned building. that would be telling.


i just found out that several cities have laws about leaving children or pets unattended in hot cars. check to see if your city has one and press them to get one if they don’t. here’s one such ordinance in lawrence,ks (makes me proud to be a kansan): It is "unlawful for any person to leave any animal confined in a vehicle for more than five (5) minutes in extreme weather conditions, defined as less than thirty degrees Fahrenheit or more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit" (section 3-105 of the Lawrence City code). Violation of the ordinance is punishable by a minimum fine of $100.00 and a maximum fine of $1,000.00 per offense. The Municipal Judge does not have authority to suspend the minimum fine. In addition, the Municipal Judge does have authority to sentence the convicted defendant to a maximum six (6) month sentence in jail.

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