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Slips, Trips, and Falls

i went out for a brisk noon walk even though it’s snowing like crazy. it was a little more challenging than usual, but still fun. but then the snow crew came out and scraped the walkways. and then it got really slippery. i still kept up a pretty good clip because i have great balance and strong legs. but then, bam. i fell. i was shocked because i almost never fall. again, great balance.

i got up and brushed myself off (after looking around to see who saw me) and thought about this slip as a metaphor for life. if your life is in balance and you’ve got a strong personal foundation, you’re less likely to fall. and if you do fall, you can get up easily without (much/any) injury. we all trip and slip and stumble. we can reduce the incidence, though, if we watch what we’re doing and continue to strengthen our personal foundation.

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