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Skating Through Life

I had one of those days today when things came together – nothing spectacular – but things came together. 

After a quick walk with Toby on the levee before the storm hit, I got a memory flash of roller skating when I was a kid.  I was OK on skates but because I didn’t have enough skill to quickly change direction to get out of the way of an imminent crash, I was a bit vigilant – watching what others were doing (and what I was doing).

From this observant posture, I was amazed at how smoothly everyone skated round and round in the rink without disastrous consequences.  Rarely did skaters bump into each other, rarely did they have to work hard to stay out of each other’s way.  They merged, ebbed and flowed, and basically managed to be have a lot of fun without any downside. 

Skating through a day is one of life’s little pleasures—thankfully I noticed today.

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