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Sitting on the Deck

sitting on my deck last week, i noticed two sets of baby birds in my red bud tree – doves and robins. i know very little about baby birds so i watched with delight as the mothers fed the babies. the babies sit with their mouths open a lot – demanding attention. dove mothers repeatedly jam the food down the throats of the young – a rather violent action (undove like?) the robin mothers poke the food into their young just once or twice – gently.

the baby doves always sit together, one facing one direction, the other facing the other direction. the dove and robin "children" never hang out together, though today one baby robin hopped down to check out the baby doves sunning on the ground. even though the babies fly around easily (they’re full size), looking almost like adults, they still demand food. there must be something about getting food that they still can’t do (or maybe they just don’t want to).

they seemed a little bit like spoiled brats to me. because they look a lot like adults, when they land in the tree i look closely to see if they are the adults or babies. their feathers aren’t fully developed and their coloring is a work in progress. now i see less and less of them–they’re growing up and moving away and

I’m staying inside blogging and eating peaches. i guess we just all do what we do.

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