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Simplifying Life

the urge to simplify my life has been coming up recently. compared to most american’s my life is pretty simple. but i want it to really FEEL simple. so i typed up a reminder slip to post every place that tends to get complicated like my computer, filing system, refrigerator, closets, etc. It just says "How can I simplify this?" I think that simple question will get my creative problem solving juices flowing. I want this to be the year i take simplifying to a new level. questions beg to be answered, so i know i perfect answers will bubble to the surface. i’m eager to interact with this goal. i can feel a vision forming. some initial thoughts:

1. let it be simple. think "simple."

2. choose not to struggle.

3. downsize my domain (one set of dishes vs two or three, reduce number of things hanging in my closets, empty nonessential things out of drawers, etc)

4. meditate regularly.

5. mark off "do nothing" time every day.

6. hang out with people who know how to simplify.

7. read about simplifying.

8. write about simplifying.

9. see simplifying as a process not as an end point. 10. enjoy the entire process . . . even the part when things feel complicated and there’s no hope on the horizon. i think this is a good start for me. if you have anything to add, go to the comments link.

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