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Setting Your Heart on Fire

getting ready for a spiritual study group to come to discuss Setting Your Heart on Fire….baking a pinapple upside down cake (yum), listening to country western music. hey , common, i live in kansas. it occurs to me that lots of people are judgmental about country western music. intellectuals. i quit listening for a time because i thought the music wasn’t spiritually evolved and i didn’t want to fill my space with unevolved music.

but tonight i’m drinking a beer and enjoying the comfort, beauty, and full expression of the music. the words are often quite funny too. they tell it how it is. yep. and that’s a cool kind of stumbling that i enjoy. sure i get tired of the songs about drinking and carousing…but they sure are fun to dance to. i dance around my house to the music on occasion. lovely. what i love about the music is that there is a loving community feeling. they love the family, the special one, they long for things (and have the courage to tell you about it). they’re down home. open (if not screwed up sometimes), but out there as far as feelings.

i’m a feeling kind of person, so i enjoy that. It makes me wonder about them and their relationships. it’s educational and enjoyable. so they’re stumbling too. and that’s a-ok with me. oh here’s a good one–"she thinks my tractor’s sexy." gotta go dance.

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