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Self-care is the rudder when chaos threatens

Mom’s in rehab recovering from a stroke, dad’s at a nursing home angry that we won’t let him stay alone…..that’s the backdrop for my successful self-care program this week.

Often when the winds of chaos and worry blow in to my life, my self-care routine suffers.  This time it’s been different.  I have a deep belief in the powers of wellness and self-care to heal all wounds…self-care is kind of like the balm of Giliad.  So I’m sticking with it.  It’s my rudder.

When  I get serious about something (like self-care or fitness), I follow through – even when life hands me a little chaos.  And I’ll bet you do too.

Here’s a peek at my fitness routine since Friday.   (Note:  I’ve been walking a dog for years – that hasn’t changed.  That’s my base.  Everything else listed below has been added to provide intensity, cross-training, and strength.)

Friday:  walked Toby 60 minutes, yoga for 35 minutes (felt very virtuous about adding yoga in after years of abstinence)

Saturday:  walked Toby 60 minutes, strength training (lower body) 40 minutes, exercise bike (hills) 10 minutes high intensity, sauna (pooped – went to bed at 8:30 to read; slept hard and long)

Sunday:  strength training (upper body) 40 minutes, water wheel rowing machine 5 minutes (felt like 15 min.), sauna, walked Toby 60 minutes (felt tired and a little stiff but not as tired as Saturday)

Monday:  walked Toby 60 minutes (felt my body needed a break from heavy lifting)

Tuesday:  didn’t do any fitness (raining and had a sketchbook journaling class in the evening)

Wednesday:  will go back to the gym for lower body strength training, exercise bike, and walking Toby. 

Here’s what I’ve been eating:  veggies veggies, veggies….and fruit, fruit, fruit.  Today a colleague joined several of us for lunch so I broke from my healthy eating routine an ordered brisket and fries (oh my!)  If that shocks you…..let me tell you what I had for breakfast and dinner.  For breakfast I had an apple, a fig, 2 prunes, and a small handful of walnuts.  Then for dinner I had a simple vegetable soup I made in minutes – more on that another day.  The point here is there is room for variance from a strictly healthy diet.  I didn’t feel at all guilty because I knew I’d balance it out across the day.

Your Turn:  What been your fitness routine so far this week?  How’s it going?  How’s the healthy eating going?  Any challenges or successes to share?  Please share at the comment link below.

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