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Redefining Perfect

i love the design of the early toyota camry’s (early 90’s). so i searched and searched and found a 1991 that was in good shape – silver grey with a sunroof, power windows, and power locks. i’ve never had those features before….and LOVE them.

a while back one of the hub caps came off and i drove it that way for several months feeling like a sloth. it made the beautiful car appear ugly….but being busy and a rather low maintenance kind of person, i let it go.

then i decided i wanted to get my "clean sweep" score up to 80+ so i decided it was time to get new hub caps and get it fully cleaned in and out. since i don’t like cleaning a car (especially vacuuming the inside, yuck), i took it to a fancy car wash and for $13 got it vacuumed, cleaned, and waxed and it looked great. i didn’t know places like that existed. now i know ….and when i want to spiff something up in my life, i’ll go there. i’m frugal, so the price is right.

i knew i’d get another point on the clean sweep if i got new hub caps….but they were SO expensive (and not that fun) and i didn’t want to spring for that. so i shopped around a little and found some really classy ones at a discount store. they’re plastic, shiny, have fake bolts… they look like more expensive ones but i got all 4 for just $14. they made the car look perfect. i beamed with happiness. and to think they are really plastic and cheap, but they are still perfect. perfect doesn’t have to be expensive. it doesn’t have to be high class. it just has to be perfect for me. and they are. smoke and mirrors work for me…sometimes.

think how many values underpin that last description. makes me who i am. my unique finger print. your unique values are pretty cool too….even the quirky ones like the ones i just described about myself. free to be frugal. free to be quirky. free to be pleased by plastic.  You don’t have to be perfect to have a perfect life.

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