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Rave On

guess i’m not finished raving about graham at his email was up on my screen as i leaned over to close out of my computer… i read his perfectly crafted email (again). some things are worth savoring. after the first bite, your brain and other body circuitry takes time to process the experience. a moment later, you realize to an even greater extent, that the thing tastes great.

enjoying the after taste of his email I notice that the grammar is even correct. my my my. i love this guy. wonder how old he is. hehehe. so i thought i’d include his email message here so you could see the beauty of it….correct grammar, useful clear content and all:

I republished your blog and the archives are appearing correctly now. If you ever need to republish again (for instance, if you change your archive settings, or your template) you can find instructions in our Knowledge Base here:

isn’t he awesome. do you see the beauty of his expression–concise, clear, correct, useful. you may think i’m goofy to go on like this. but i’m not. you can tell a lot about a person by the way they communicate with you. my guess is that he’s respectful, smart, detail oriented, clear headed (not a dope user), probably an introvert. i’m guessing he doesn’t get a lot of compliments (or appreciation for his work). who does? i can’t tell if he drinks coffee or not :) he’s top drawer though…..and it’s all expressed in one little paragraph (oh and the fact that he replied promptly and that he actually fixed the problem). i’m in love.

tomorrow i’m blogging about how to rave. this is an example. changing the way we communicate, one rave at a time. an aside. for a change i did a blogger spell check on this post just to see how it worked (yes curious). spell checker didn’t recognize the word "blogging." on a blog server i find that quite funny.

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