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Problems Arise in Clumps

problems arise it seems in clumps. when several occur in a short time period it sets me on edge. i don’t like problems. i get a little nervous that they won’t go away or that i won’t handle them well. i guess what i’m talking about really isn’t problems per se. it’s just icky stuff, things i need to do something about like a complicated project, misunderstandings, a need to set boundaries, a project that’s gone amuck or is stuck.

but when i sit and wait for something to come to me, it ALWAYS does. i get excited. often something really cool occurs to me–a good idea for a project or a useful new perspective about myself, another person, or the planet. often solutions come to me fully formed. sometimes like tonight i have to get out of bed and write them down.

i’m wearing sunglasses looking at my monitor because my sleepy eyes can’t take the glare, and i don’t remember which button to press on my monitor to turn down the brightness.

problems give me an opportunity to be creative and to learn to trust myself. i learn (over and over again, unfortunately), that answers, guidance, solutions come to me (like the sun glasses). they bubble up after i’ve mulled over the issue and held debates and conversations in my head. then when i take a long walk, go to bed, or just sit quietly, the guidance comes. amazing really. and then there’s smooth sailing for a time.

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