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Pop a Pill Instead of Exercise?

Have you heard the news about the scientific discovery of the pill that will replace the need to exercise?  Call me old fashioned, but common–pop a pill instead of exercise?  I’d call that the lazy pill. 

How about we just find a way to put ourselves in a tube and not have to eat or move or think?  We could just watch TV, search the Internet, and do this all with our minds–we wouldn’t even have to sit up.  Sound good?  Not to me!  It sounds awful. 

The only thing interesting about this pill is that it’s always interesting to push the edge of what we know and what we can do.  Still, as far as being preposterous, this one is right up there–even topping Olestra.  I can just see the cautionary note:  Eat all the fat you, and take the exercise pill, but don’t get too far from a bathroom :) 

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