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Please, Learn How to Rave!

have you ever felt inconsequential? wondered if anybody noticed that you did the dishes, or that you showed up on time for a dinner date (in fact you always do), you write great letters, or that you always smile? These things are important and they’re worth raving about.

many people don’t even feel noticed, let alone raved about. and this is a shame. i’m a raver. i love to notice neat things about people and compliment them, often over the top. but i can’t do this job alone. i really need help. so i thought i’d write a lesson on it.

10 simple lessons on raving

1. pay attention for a few days (or longer) to how people interact with you and how you interact with them. how many people are complimentary? how often do you compliment people or show appreciation for them? be honest.

2. get in touch with how it feels not to be noticed or appreciated. that’s how it feels to everybody around you that YOU aren’t appreciating. so start today and appreciate the first person you come into contact with. read on for ideas.

3. practice thinking of something nice to say to everybody – even when you can’t imagine what it might be. our culture has gotten SO rusty at appreciation, it’s almost a lost art.

4. take a lesson from an online tutorial (humor) that’s been going around. try it. it will make you laugh or at least smile: when it pops up type in your first name. it’s completely safe.

5. remind your friends and family members that you’d like to be complimented as often as possible. send them to this blog so they can see how to do it. we need to ask for what we want . . . or we just won’t get it.

6. people have gotten extremely self-centered. we need to heal ourselves of this malady and the time is now. just notice something nice about somebody else and tell them you noticed. simple as that, but so important. here’s a list to get you started: – you look nice today. – just seeing you makes me happy. – i’m really proud of you for ……………. – i’m so glad we have time together today. – thank you for taking care of ……………… – let me help you with that…………………. – i know things are tough – how can i encourage you? – i love being with you. – i love you.

7. occasionally i compliment myself in front of others . . . they chuckle and i hope realize that they’ve been falling down on the noticing/complimenting job. gosh, we need to be noticed, some of us more than others, but we all need it.

8. look for opportunities to rave. don’t just think it quietly to yourself. be bold and rave. it will be good for you, and certainly good for the other person. just do it :)

9. even if you’re good at complimenting and noticing, you can be better. look around you at people who seldom get noticed. take an interest in them and find ways to compliment them. e.g., you’re so reliable. you always show up to work. i love responsible people. your boss is lucky. or……….i’ve noticed that you’re really kind. that’s a wonderful quality. you’re a great role model for kindness. stuff like that. just do it.

10. when you’re feeling down in the dumps thinking nobody cares about you, look around you for somebody who may always feel like that and focus on making their day. how can you lift them up? lifting them up will lift you up. guaranteed.

thank you for reading this blog entry. you have such an ability to stick with it. i love that quality. you’re so cool. so email me and tell me how cool i am. i don’t get nearly enough compliments and i’m so cool too.

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