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Overwhelmed? Answer the Small Questions

30-Day Self-Care Challenge (Part III) Day 6

A good friend of mine is a social worker at a mental health facility. Sometimes she counsels me (thank goodness!)

Today I told her I was a bit overwhelmed. In her wisdom she said “if you can’t answer the big questions (like how to get back in balance), answer the small ones.” That works for me!

Have you ever noticed that the more stressed you are, the more you lay big fat questions on yourself – like “What’s wrong with my life!” or “Where did I go wrong?” We tend to catastrophize under stress.

So if you can’t answer, “How can I fix my life” you may be able to answer, “What can I fix for dinner.” Big difference. Smart woman.

Not only do I have one friend who is a counselor–I have two! That’s an important element of self-care: surrounding yourself with friends and other people who elevate you and your thinking. Do your friends lift you up when you need it? Or do they bring you down? If they bring you down on a regular basis, develop new relationships with people who raise your vibration. Phase out the low vibes.

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