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One Man's Trash, Another Woman's Treasure

haven’t posted in several days. thanksgiving holiday, working on my web site launch, and generally enjoying the weather–70 today. took a long walk. funny thing. i often lament that the alcoholics who hang out on the kaw river levee leave their beer cans and cardboard from the old style or old milwaukee cases of beer. so much trash along this beautiful (though polluted river). now to the funny thing. wearing shoes i don’t normally wear for long hikes, i noticed the back of my heel was getting torn up and it was just the start of a 4 miler.

thinking…surely there’s enough trash along this path that i can find something to stick in my shoe to protect my heel. see where this is going. hee hee. yep i found a hunk of one of those cardboard beer cases (not sure what they’re called) and it slipped right into my shoe to protect my heel. it was even torn in the perfect shape! had to be thankful for that and laugh at myself and send a prayer of appreciation to the troubled souls who left it for me to use. one man’s junk . . . another woman’s treasure. hee hee. i love this turnaround thingie.

now i’m listening to blue grass music on npr (love it) while waiting for my shitake mushroom veggie barley lentil soup to finish cooking. life is good good good. just stopped to stir my soup. oh my it smells good.

oh yes, on my walk i saw two bald eagles flying home at the end of the day to their nests. normally i see them when the river freezes because they fish at the dam where the water isn’t frozen. but there are always a couple that come early to check out the scene. as i saw them flying home i thought about how i knew they were eagles because i couldn’t see their white heads and tails. i’ve watched them these 10 years i’ve lived on the kaw river. what i notice is that they are big . . . even in the distance. they don’t mess around when they’re flying home at dusk. they fly a pretty straight path headed north. their wings flap much MUCH slower than any other birds flying.

sometimes i mistake blue herons at a distance for eagles. but when i see their crooked neck and long legs trailing behind, i know i’ve been fooled by their enormous wing span. herons wings flap slowly too….because of the length of their wings. the other thing i look for is wings that are straight across when soaring. most other birds including hawks have a curve to their wing span. eagle wings are straight across when they soar. bingo, yes they were eagles and i’m guessing i was one of the only people who knew that. i thought of mentioning it to a runner crossing my path…but then just let him run off. maybe others don’t care like i do. such a treat to me.

time for soup! what a day: a hunk of cardboard for my heel, soup, sun, eagles. it doesn’t get any better than this (today) :)

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